Full Course Kayaks or Surf Skis

Un-supported Full Course Teams and those competing in the National A1 Adventure Racing Series are required to race un-supported and to hire Spirit Double CTR’s from Navis Outdoors. These are plastic sit on top surf skis and are 4.8m long, 70cm wide, and weigh 25kg. They have a rudder for steering, a hatch in the bow and gear area with elastic straps on the stern. These will be available for hire at race HQ for $110 per boat and is additional to the race entry fee. This will ensure a level playing field for all A1 teams.

Full Course teams not racing the National A1 Series and racing with a support crew must bring their own kayaks or skis.  In general, kayaks and skis have advantages and disadvantages. Ensure you consider the paddling ability of each team member and practice in your boat prior to the event.

SEA KAYAKS are generally more stable, warmer and more comfortable. Mandatory gear can be easily stowed. These are big factors to think about in an adventure race. Remember you will be paddling your craft in the middle of the night in possibly cold and rough conditions when you are close to exhaustion.

SURF SKIS are that they can be slightly faster to paddle, lighter to portage and some times easier to rent for the race. Disadvantages are they can be less stable, damaged more easily and unsuitable for people with little paddling experience. Many teams have spent more time in the water than on the ski in past races! On a ski you are also exposed to the elements, which can mean that you can get cold easily. It can also be difficult finding a way to carry your mandatory equipment.

Geo Half Kayaks

For Geo-Half teams, organisers provide kayaks for you (this includes paddles and PFDs or bring your own if you choose). Geo-Half kayaks are plastic sit on top surf skis called Spirit Double CTR from Peak Adventure. The boats are 4.8m long, 70cm wide, and weigh 25kg. They have a rudder for steering, a hatch in the bow and gear area with elastic straps on the stern. Geo-Half Skis are not required to be moved by your support crew during the race. It is not permitted for Geo-Half teams to bring their own kayaks.


We try to keep this up to date, please let us know if any find any additions or subtractions below.

Peak Adventure – Jarad has a fleet available for hire. He will also pick up your own boat from Melbourne or Sydney and tranport it to the event.

Xterra Adventures – This tour company has nine double mirages available. Contact Glenn, they are just North of Sydney.

Kayaktivity – Berth 15 Town Wharf Port Macquarie, have 7 Dagger Trinidad double kayaks available for hire, Ph (02) 6583 4752

Capacity Sports – Have a limited number of fibreglass doubles and singles, based in VIC.

Lazy Paddles – Based in Tea Gardens on NSW North Coast with range of single and double plastic kayaks.

Ocean Paddler – Dean Gardiner from Ocean Paddler may be able to assist with good quality racing skis.

Petra Richter – Have a couple of double mirages available. They are North of Sydney in Forster. 0407014928. Can arrange transport.

Horizon Line – Sydney

East Coast Kayaking – Have fibreglass and kevlar Mirages in Victoria for hire.

Sea Kayak Australia – David Wood’s company based in Abbotsford, Melbourne has 11 double fibreglass Pittaraks that he may hire for the event. Call him on 0410 329 090.

Jervis Bay Sea Kayaks – Have a number of doubles that may be available for hire.

Sydney Harbour Kayaks – Sea kayaks in Sydney.

Bundeena Kayaks – Sydney