Adventure Race

Australia’s Premiere Adventure Race. 7-10 June 2019
Be a part of an Australia icon – GeoQuest is Australia’s first, biggest and best adventure race. 7-10 June 2019


GeoQuest 2016 – Teams talk about the race

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Mountain Designs GeoQuest 48hr is the ultimate test of your physical and mental limits. There is no question, the race is tough and it is real adventure. Your body will be totally exhausted, your brain will be begging you to stop and you’ll have had little or no sleep for 48 hours. Then if you are one of the lucky teams, you will crawl across the finish line. This is certainly not your average weekend!


The Full Course is the ultimate test for teams. It is the most competitive adventure race in the country. Teams navigate their way through a 220kms course that is revealed to them only 16 hours before the start of the race. Winning teams normally cross the line around 28hours into the race. Everyone else has 50 hours to complete the course.


The Geo-Half is ideal for those who want to give adventure racing a try, but not commit to the full course. It is an event with an emphasis on teamwork, fitness and adventure. Everything is a little easier – the course is roughy half the distance and you have the full 50 hours to complete it. We also provide kayaks.


Because for the competitors who attain the ultimate prize of crossing the finish line, will come to them an elation and sense of achievement like nothing else. They will have taken their body and mind past anywhere it has been before. They will have shared incomparable experiences with their team mates and learnt about themselves. Ultimately they will have found that their limits are just an illusion…


The main disciplines of each year’s race are Trekking, Mountain Biking, Sea Kayaking and River Kayaking. This is applicable to both the Full Course and the Half Course. In addition to these specific disciplines, teams will need to be well practiced in their navigation. Good route planning skills will be an advantage, and could definitely save your team many hours of hard work! Each year additional disciplines may be included. These will be announced early in the year if applicable.