GeoQuest is back for 2019 with an update to the race format.

We’re excited to announce that GeoQuest will be back for 2019 and the original race format will be maintained, well almost. Following the transition of the event from GeoCentric to Wild & Co and the success of the 2018 Special Edition event we’re looking forward to a big 2019 event. And while we want to keep the race as close to the established format as possible, there are a few key areas we that we have updated for the 2019 event.

What will stay the same

  • Half Course and Full Course Options
  • 120km, 240km approximate course distances
  • Kayak, Mountain Bike, Trail Run with mystery adventure activities (abseil, rock climbing, caving)
  • Teams of 4
  • Kayaks supplied for Half Course
  • Event Program (Friday Registration, Saturday Race Start, Monday Presentation)
  • Full Course teams racing a ‘supported’ race to supply own kayaks
  • Course based on the NSW north coast

What will change

  • Geo-Half and Full Course teams now have the option of racing ‘un-supported’, with a small additional cost
  • A1 Full Course teams required to be ‘un-supported’
  • All A1 and ‘un-supported’ teams required to hire Spirit Double Kayaks in order to ensure ease of logistics
  • Bike Boxes will be required for all ‘un-supported’ teams

We believe that these changes, particularly to the possibility of competing in GeoQuest without bringing a support crew, will mean that more teams can compete, and that we will guarantee a level playing field for A1 teams in terms of support crews and quality of kayaks.

It’s important to note that these format changes do raise the possibility of a GeoQuest winner in 2019 that races the full course with a support crew and a fast kayak. We’re ok with this.

These changes haven’t been made lightly, we love the history and the rite of passage that the GeoQuest 48hr is for the Adventure Racing community in Australia, and we want to honour that. At the same time, we also want to make it as easy as possible for more teams to compete each year without the pressure of finding double kayaks for hire if they are flying in or finding a support crew. We hope that we have found a good balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the iconic features of Mountain Designs GeoQuest is the support team, if we race un-supported will we lose this community atmosphere?

While the race itself offers an un-supported option, many teams will continue to choose the supported option, we are also happy for un-supported teams and A1 teams to bring along a ‘cheer’ squad. These supporters can be part of the support team briefing and will be allowed at transition areas to offer moral support, as long as they don’t help with any transition activity or team logistics.

I’m racing in the A1 Series, can I bring my own kayak?

No, all A1 teams must use the Spirit Double CTR kayaks available for teams to hire on the day.

I’m not racing in the A1 Series, but want to race un-supported, can I bring my own kayak?

No, all teams racing un-supported must use the Spirit Double CTR kayaks available for teams to hire.

How do I hire the Spirit Double CTR kayaks?

These will be available for hire on race day for $110 per kayak, more information about this will follow closer to the event. The GeoQuest team will book in these boats directly with the kayak supplier so you don’t need to do anything. 

I want to race un-supported, do I need a bike box?

Yes, all un-supported teams will be required to use bike boxes, this will make logistics easier and keep the bikes safer.

Will there be an ocean paddle?

It’s an adventure race, teams should come prepared for anything. It’s important to note, in the case of an ocean paddle, we will carefully assess conditions in light of the weather, swell size and types of water craft competitors are using – water safety will be our highest priority.

What sort of water craft are suitable?

Competitors bringing their own kayaks should choose water craft that match their paddling experience. There are amazing paddle options in the Clarence Valley region including the ocean, lakes and rivers. Every effort will be made to ensure there are safe paddle options for competitors using kayaks with under body rudders. Racing is always a risky activity, if you are concerned about the safety of expensive kayaks, consider alternative options.

Who will move kayaks for the un-supported Full Course Teams?

All up-supported teams will be required to use the Spirit Double CTR Kayaks available for hire. GeoQuest will have a dedicated logistics team that will move these kayaks around the course as necessary.

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