Mandatory Equipment

Gear Requirements

As a competitor in Mountain Designs GeoQuest or Geo-Half, you and your team are required to carry a number of mandatory equipment items with you. The mandatory equipment is divided into two parts, equipment you and your team must carry at ALL times, and equipment you and your team must carry during a specific DISCIPLINE. It is not a list of what you should take, just the mandatory items. Whilst this amount of gear may seem onerous, your individual and team safety is of paramount importance.

Click for PDF of the mandatory Equipment List


Equipment checks will be carried out randomly throughout the race. It will be your teams responsibility to ensure you have all mandatory items at the above specified times. Penalties associated with deficient items at an equipment check during the race will be severe.


Race Organisers will provide all maps, race control cards and roping equipment if applicable. Kayaks, paddles, PFDs etc will be provided for the Geo-Half teams only.